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We Should Be by vanthekeyoflain
We Should Be

- -  - -  - -  - - PG-13 Story (reference) Below


Like, really, really, sugary sweet adorable.

He loved when she got all pouty. Though not when it was at him.

Yet she was looking at him with that pouty face that said ‘I’m mad at you,’ with furrowed brow and pursed lips, and the ever so slight puff in her cheeks; like she was refusing to breath until he apologized.

He gave her a sheepish, nervous, though apologetic grin.

She closed her eyes and faced away; all while giving an short curt exhale through her nose.

"Please don’t be upset. I already feel like shit enough as it is."

"You forgot about my party."

"I forget a lot of things.”

"My BIRTHDAY party. My SIXTEENTH. Birthday. Party."

She’d turned her head back to look up at him. Again the pouty face, only this time with a little more flare in her eyes. Eyes that were beautiful no matter how angry she got at him. She didn’t know this, and he’s never mentioned it before, but her eyes actually changed the slightest bit of color depending on what she wore, where they were and what season it was.

Like Autumn was a burnt umber and Spring was like an oak…

"Are you even listening to me?"

"Yes!… No, sorry I -"


"What did you say?"

"Who was outside your window at twelve o-one A.M on your sixteenth?"

A sigh.


"And who spent the entire day with you doing everything you wanted to do and even even encouraged you to be selfish, for once?"


"And who gave you the best present ever and danced all night with you at your birthday party?"

"You did, you, and only you."

"So can you see why I’m just a little upset that you didn’t show up AT ALL?!"

Jimmy Jr let out an audible, though somewhat embellished sigh, and leaned forward and just above the girl’s face.

"All this from the girl who’s not as angry at me as she claims to be; otherwise you’d not be resting your head in my lap. You know my Dad worked my ass off today; and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on purpose. So when I had the free moment to snag the tweebs and ask them to cover me, the first thing I did was book if for here. You’re just upset I didn’t come straight over."

"Duh! Come on; the beach? Why couldn’t you have just come over? We could have snuck away and gone upstairs; watched movies, maybe go out…"

He leaned just a bit more downwards so his forehead touched hers.

"Tina. I am sorry. Please don’t be upset anymore."

"You didn’t even get me anything." This was actually said in an actual pout voice.

Oh god, right in the feels.

"I’m sorry about that too. Money’s tight and i’ve got to scrimp and save every dime."

And queue the lip quiver. .  good lord he was a Fidel she knew how to play.

"Okay. okay. . Name me anything you want, and I’ll get it for you."

"Anything I want?" Tina shifted in her position so now she was looking at him at eye level, on her knees and palms.

"Anything you want. . that doesn’t cost money."

"What the hell am I suppose to get from that?"

"Anything you want, that doesn’t cost money!"

Tina sat back on her knees…contimplating.


"As long as its free."

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, that’s the rule, but. . anything?"


"No matter what? No matter how corney, or crazy?"

"Yes, yes. Anything. This is me making it up to you, so figure something out."

There was a twitch on her lips and suddenly she’d produced a pencil and a scrap piece of paper. Not so weird, as she carried a small notepad and pencil with her everywhere she went.

Folding the piece over, she then handed it to Jimmy Jr.

"Okay, that was way to fast; what did you already have something in mi-"

And his words died in his throat, as he’d unfolded the little piece of paper and read the two words hastily scribbled across it. Words; particularly one, that caused him to suddenly freeze up and burn crimson at the same time.

Birthday Sex.

Birthday. Sex.

The word Birthday. The word Sex.

Implying one to have sex on a birthday.

Aaaand suddenly it was really hot outside, and it felt like his heart was going 100 miles an hour, and he felt like the wind had been knocked out of him… which it probably had been as he realized he’d fallen off the bench.

"Are you okay?!"

"Ha. . ha haha Haare you, are -are you… are you serious?"

"You said anything."

"Yeah! Yea…haa…Didn’t . . really think that through did I?"

Tina frowned slightly.

"I want something special."

He had no rebuttal to that. He picked himself up off the ground and sat back on the bench. He gave himself a moment to catch a few deep breaths, before responding.

"N-now? Jimmy Jr squeaked.

Wow. Because that was so fucking manly.

"No! Today’s pretty much over and I’m not. . I’m not one hundred percent ready."


"And i know how I want it."

Good lord his face was going to be permanently scarlet. How could she just be so flippently open with this; just so easy to talk about sex and sexual activities like you’d comment on the weather?!

"At midnight, we sneak out and come here to the beach; for privacy reasons, the nudist section of the beach. We have a romantic moonlit, candlelit, picnic on a large beach blanket. Then we put on some music, quietly, to a mix of the most romantic songs known to man, to which we slow dance to, until we fall under the spell of passion and give into lust, and make love to one another for the first time under the moonlight. And it is glorious."

Tina turned to him then, eyes wide with some sense of unknown pride; her hands frozen in midair as she’d been a bit animated in her explanation.

Jimmy Jr sat frozen, staring at her with an expression so unreadable, Tina had no clue what the boy was thinking. Which was a first in a long time. With each passing second, her shining expression began to dim; her heart sinking,

She turned away, hands in her lap.

There was a pause between them. It last for a few minutes. Tina had turned back around to say something but was cut off.


It was quite. Very quiet. He wasn’t looking at her either, but she knew she’d heard him.

"Okay?" She replied hopefully.

"Okay." Jimmy Jr said again, this time a little stronger.

In truth, he’d been blown away by Tina’s description of her perfect first time. It was extremely romantic on every front, with that hint of danger, and sense of complete openness and vulnerability. It was raw and imaginative.

It was beautiful. Like her. Like everything about her.

And surprisingly enough, not too far from his own idea that he’d kept to himself buried deep and only thought of when he was alone.

Tina gave an audible gasp of joy and launched at the boy; hugging him tight.

"I. . I feel a little weird though.  .I mean, we’re really planning this? We aren’t even together."

"Why feel weird? I’ve wanted my first time with you for a long time. I told you I want it to be special. You’re special to me, Jimmy Jr. Besides. . as far s us being together? Well, we could be!"

Tina smiled and pulled away, turning in her spot to leaned up against him. Yet, instead she suddenly found herself enveloped in a hug; Jimmy Jr’s arms circling her waist and chest. He’d pulled her against him, and she could feel his lips on her neck, his breath.

"We should be."

And those were the last three words he’d said to her; one year ago.

Date We Wanted by vanthekeyoflain
Date We Wanted
Season Four, Epiosde 20: Gene It On

I thought this episode was one of the best episodes of the season; possibly by far. All the kids where at the heart of who they were, and Bob and Linda were just hilarious as usual. And of course, being the Tina/JJ shipper that I am, I was of course over estatic about their date (and kiss!) and that if they'd both had their way, this would have pretty much been their real date. ^_^

Perhaps in season 5? On can only hope! <3
'. . . I don't how I got this way: I'll never be alright! So, I'm breaking the habit... I'm breaking the habit - tonight! I'LL PAINT IT ON THE WALLS... 'CAUSE I'M THE ONE AT FAULT!. . .'

When I first heard this song long ago by Linkin Park; I was once again moved by their dynamic lyrics and infusing rhythm that I've always enjoyed from this band. Then I saw the music video and my mind was blown away. It was so raw and different from the few I'd seen before, and launched me into being an all out Linkin Park fan. The art was fantastic, raw, different.  It grabbed me in a way I thought impossible.

However, I've never felt the above line to be more true in my life than it is now.

I've recently discovered a lot of things about my life are stale - my art included.

Looking over everything I've done; which I still enjoy and love and will still do... I've discovered what I have not done.


I need to branch out; try new styles; new projects, new ideas. I need to learn new things. I need to grow beyond what I know now. And to do this, I need challenges, discipline and help. This is where you can step in, if you chose, and help me move beyond what I know, into the unknown. How you ask? Simple.

I'm going to start dabbling into some other mediums; marker, watercolor, colored pencil.
If things go well, I'll offer this medium style in my commissions. This means you'd be getting a digital and physical copy of your piece.

For right now, I shall be doing:
- pencil sketches
- inks
- digital inks
- digital color

Lists of things I shall:
- Fanart
- Mature Art
- Nature
- Abstract
- Realism
- Animals: Fantasy and Realistic
- Parody

- Vore
- Discrimatory pieces (art made to slander against race, sexuality, political standing)

Will Try, but I have little/lost experience in:

- Mechannical Heavy subjects (IE, Mechs, Cars)
- Still Life pieces
- Political pieces
- Religious pieces

Current Projects:
Fursuit Making

I've become very enamored with the idea of making a fursuit for myself and a friend, so I am giving it a go. Should my efforts yield results I can be proud of, I shall share with everyone my experience and decide if I find the idea appealing enough to be lucrative.

Right now, I am going to accept just points as payments towards my goal of trying out Premium DA for a month, as well as some points on the side for things I myself would like to commission from others. However, if you feel generous enough to feel I am deserving of the actual good ol dollar, you can note me and we can discuss things further. Any extra cash I have right now, little it may be, I need to use towards getting back my Photoshop program, or getting Sai in order to get back to producing the better quality art that I use to: hopefully even better than before. So if you choose to do the latter - that is where your funds are going. Towards Art supply - be whatever they may.

Price updates soon; as well as a little more content to this post and hopefully my overall gallery and enrichment of talent.

Journal History


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~ Premium for a Month & Points for Commissions ~
I've never had a Premium account on DA before, and want to try it out for a month and see if it's something worth keeping for a greater haul. As well as this, I've wanted to buy some commissions I've never really had the points for. Thanks to anyone who can spare a few points to help me reach this goal.

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Adrianne Rynearson
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